Nobody knows babies better than mom…so we asked moms what’s most important when choosing a diaper for their baby. Moms want absorbent diapers that prevent leaks, materials that are soft and gentle on baby’s skin, a snug fit at every stage of growth, a natural fit to increase baby’s comfort and fun, colorful diaper designs to keep them smiling.

1.Absorbency & Leakage Protection: Mom wants absorbent diapers that prevent leaks. Leaky diapers lead to wet clothes, unhappy babies and middle of the night wake up calls.

2. Skin Health: Mom wants soft, hypoallergenic materials, gentle on baby’s skin.

3. Diaper Fit: Mom wants a snug-fitting diaper that provides leakage protection, comfort, and ease as baby moves and grows.

4. Comfort: Mom wants soft diapers, tailored for a natural fit, that stay dry and comfortable.

5. Great Design: Mom also wants fun, colorful and playful diaper designs.

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